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Registry Advisory LA-03 to Registrars: Domains Sponsored by C-DAC

Registry Advisory LA-03 to Registrars: Domains Sponsored by C-DAC


22 November 2005: The deadline for transferring names from C-DAC to other accredited registrars has been extended. The new deadline is December 31, 2005. This is to give registrants additional time to complete their transfers. Other than the revised deadline, the other aspects of NIXI's previous announcement (below) remains in effect.

Advisory No. LA 03

22 August 2005
Dear Registrars:

The previous .IN registry operator, C-DAC, will cease to provide domain name services later this year. NIXI has sent C-DAC's registrants a letter to this effect. C-DAC's registrants are being asked to transfer their domain names to other accredited registrars of their choice by November 30. The registrants are also receiving their domain name authorization codes. If your registrants contact you about this subject, we suggest that they allow 2-3 weeks for their letters to arrive.

C-DAC registrants may therefore contact you to initiate transfers, and you are of course free to accept or decline these requests. An FAQ about the transfer process is provided at: C-DAC Closure and Domain Name Transfer . A registrar-to-registrar transfer will add one year to the term of the domain name, for which the gaining registrar will be charged, and the gaining registrar is allowed to charge the registrant for that domain year. Registrars are reminded to have sufficient balances in their deposit accounts to fulfill their transfer requests.

Registrars are hereby advised to desist at all times from involving themselves, or through their re-sellers, in any way, in the mining of WHOIS data. Further, registrars are advised not to engage in solicitations of C-DAC's registrants (unless they are already a customer of the registrar), or in any misleading claims designed to attract transfers from C-DAC or any other registrar. Any such involvement of a Registrar may lead to termination of accreditation, financial penalty, and any other legal action as determined by the authorities at NIXI.

Any C-DAC domains not transferred by the November 30 deadline will be transferred to a registrar or registrars designated by NIXI. In November, NIXI will contact all accredited .IN registrars regarding that process, and will provide more detail at that time.

Sincerely yours,
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)


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