.IN Registry


# News Title Publish Date Attachment
1 FREE email on .भारत From 23-11-2020, demand free email from your registrar on booking .भारत domain Dial 01148202011 or contact rajiv@nixi.in for any problem/feedback. 29-Nov-2021
2 NIXI is offering free email with 10GB storage. Please claim the same. 24-Nov-2021
3 NIXI has started 24*7 customer support services for all operations. Contact Customer Care NIXI Landline:+91-11-48202001 Email id:customercare@nixi.in 24-Nov-2021
4 NIXI has announced sunrise for additional 29 New Third level TLDs from 13th November 2021. 24-Nov-2021 view
5 Rang Utsav Offer Winners 24-Nov-2021 view

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