General FAQ

This FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions about .IN domains. For more FAQs, please see the links in this section. For more information about transferring your domain name, click here.

How do I make updates to my domain record, or add name servers?

To make a change, you must send a request to your registrar, who will then put the request through to the .IN registry. NIXI is not allowed to change records directly for registrants. This procedure is true of all domain name registries.

What is an authorization code (auth code), and where can I get mine?

The authorization code is a 6- to 16-character code assigned by the registrar. The auth code is basically a password for the domain. Auth codes are an extra security measure, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can make

If you do not know your auth code, you can obtain it from your registrar. Registrars are contractually required to provide the auth code upon the request by the registrant.

  • Sponsoring registrars can obtain the auth code for their sponsored domains by sending an EPP <DOMAIN_INFO> command to the registry. Registrars are only able to obtain auth codes for the domain names they sponsor.

  • NIXIdoes not give out authorization codes to registrants. NIXI advises that you change your auth code after a transfer. You can do this through the new (gaining) registrar.

How do I transfer my domain name?

For Registrant-to-Registrant Transfers:

The registrant should update the contact information through the sponsoring registrar. NIXI cannot do this for you; you must do it through the registrar.

For Registrar-to-Registrar Transfers:

  1. Obtain the authorization code from the current sponsoring registrar of the domain. Please consult the WHOIS to find out who the sponsoring registrar is.
  2. After you receive your authorization code, supply it to the winning registrar.
  3. The winning registrar should then initiate the transfer. Once initiated, the transfer will be completed in five 24-hour periods.
  4. NIXI advises that you change your auth code after a transfer. You can do this through the winning registrar.

Why does my domain have a "inactive" status?

This status is placed upon any domain that does not have at least two nameservers associated with it. The inactive status means that the domain will not be included in the zone file, and will not be usable on the Internet. Once you add two nameservers through your registrar, the "inactive" status will automatically be taken off and the domain will propagate correctly.

I have been trying to register a one-character or two-letter .IN domain, but can't. Why?

All one-character and two-character domains, are reserved by government and NIXI order, and are not available to the public.